About Us

In General

A collection of beauty found in everyday life, Behind These Eyes brings inspiration by ways of Natural Beauty, Stress Relief,  Home Decor, and More. Building a community brought together to escape the everyday norm and indulge in our own creativity. 

Down to the Nitty-Gritty

Behind These Eyes was born purely out of sheer boredom and a need to express my creativity. Fun Fact: the first few months, BTE was just a lifestyle blog. It had links to my favorite things that you could buy and articles to explore. Then I added a dropshipping store. As a certified shopaholic, I enjoyed picking out things to sell but it bothered me that I couldn’t see it in person. I didn’t even know what kind of quality I was promoting. With dropshipping, you are basically selling it for the company. They ship the product and give you a cut. The problem was to make any profit from it, you had to price it so high that it felt like I was ripping people off. Even I wouldn’t have paid those prices.     
The other problem was that so many people were using the same dropshipping service that I ended up seeing that same product everywhere. The more I saw it, the cheaper it looked tome. Thank goodness I pulled the plug on that before anybody actually purchased anything. It did spark a passion in me though. This is where I completely deleted almost my whole website and started from scratch. Introducing Behind These Eyes Boutique. It felt right.
Next we have my tagline “Captivated by Beauty, Inspired by Life”. What does that mean you ask? Great question. It is a reflection of the inner me and things I love. Captivated by Beauty= I like pretty things. Inspired by Life= Found in everyday environments. Okay stay with me. For all my soul sista’s who like aesthetically pleasing environments, you know what I mean. When we walk into let’s say, our bathroom, we don’t see towels, toilet paper, etc. No No, we see the fancy soaps and lotions, the candles, the room spray, the tub tray. We are looking at the design of the curtain and admiring the cotton balls in a glass jar and omg is it even labeled!!!! Wait are those towels rolled in that basket. What a vibe.
So that is what I mean by Captivated by Beauty, Inspired by Life. I walk in every room of my house and just stare, thinking of what I can do to enhance. Honestly, it becomes kinda compulsive sometimes but oh well. I just know there has to be more people out there that have that same mindset. I know I’m not the only one who gets up, grabs a coffee and just goes to the store with nothing in particular to buy. Those are the best kinds of shopping trips. That’s where I get my inspiration from. It’s the little things that are exciting. A new hairbrush, a room spray, a plush blanket, a notepad set, or a heating pad because if I’m forced to fight off this migraine, the least I could do is treat myself to a handmade heating pad infused with lavender oil. It’s only right.
BTE is for us. A little place to escape to and look at gorgeous things. So welcome to Behind These Eyes Boutique! I hope you find everything you’re looking for and some of what you’re not.