I Breathe in Confidence and Exhale Fear

I Breathe in Confidence and Exhale Fear

We see them everywhere now, daily affirmations. Giving yourself daily reminders about how awesome you are can seem silly to some, but there is actually some science to back this up. Studies have shown that positive self talk fires the neural pathways which makes changes to those areas of the brain responsible for making you happy and positive.

Everyone has their own self talk dialogue. It's that little voice inside your head that auto responds to everything you think about. It sets the tone for how you react to situations good or bad. Let’s test yours out. Let's imagine that you’re driving on the interstate and miss your exit. What do you instinctive say to yourself? Is it along the lines of “Ugghhh let me get off on the next exit. I’ll be a few minutes behind but oh well”. Or is this you, “I am so dumb. That is so annoying. How could I have done that? What an idiot”. Can you see the difference? One sets the tone for problem solving and moving on. The other creates tension within yourself, causing frustration which then sets the tone for the rest of our journey. Hope it’s not to a date because that’s not going to go well with that low confidence you just gave yourself.


There are so many resources out there associated with positive mindset, most notably Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which focuses on changing your thinking patterns which helps you gain control of your emotions and responses. This concept is designed to give you the tools to see when you are being your own worst enemy. It kind of goes back to "is the glass half empty or half full” question? I know it sounds like a lot of therapy babble but honestly it teaches you to step back from the cynical glasses we all wear and get in touch with the pleasant unguarded you. I’ve listed a few links below so you can take a look and see for yourself.


In a sense that’s what affirmations do. It builds up your self confidence that is rooted within making it harder for someone to take from you. Tell yourself you are beautiful, enough, strong, independent, capable. Give yourself the backbone that you look from others to validate. That way you know it’s built on a strong foundation that isn’t situational or conditional. You don’t need to have anyone else tell you that you are great, you should already know that.


With so many daily stressors, it seems so much easier to look at what’s going wrong versus what’s going right. Finding beauty in the ashes is a true gift. That’s why I like to find products to promote healthy mindsets and positive energy. You will probably notice a lot of inspirational quotes on our social media too. All of it is intentional with the desire to spread positively and self love. I like to start my day telling my family “it’s a great day, to have a great, so lets just have a great day, shall we?” Setting that silly lighthearted tone helps me not take my morning so seriously. I do the same routine every single morning. So why do I feel so tense trying to get up and out? I should’t, so I changed the tone. I save my favorite podcast for the drive, or play some upbeat music and treat myself to a coffee once a week as a little “I love you gift” to me. All of these things give me something to look forward to instead of dreading the work week. It’s not going to change so I need to change how I approach it. It’s the difference between misery and peace for me.

I truly believe that women are far more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. We tend to lack full confidence and let those little insecurities take over (guilty). Meanwhile we do it all. We are so strong, like strong….like REALLY STRONG. That’s why those daily affirmations are so important. Don’t get all spruced up and wait for a compliment, let you BE the compliment for whoever is around you. You bring so much to the table and it’s okay for you to LET them know instead of waiting for them to notice. Moral of the story… You’re a bad b****, act like it.


Love Kim


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